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 What is aion? (English)

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MensajeTema: What is aion? (English)   Vie Abr 20, 2012 6:07 am

Aion is a massively multiplayer online role-playing with some amazing graphics in which you become a god and you must fight an epic battle in heaven. Armed with divine powers and the gift to fly, you have to save your people and restore balance to a fantastic, huge world to the brink of cataclysm.


History of Atreia

Hundreds years ago, the Asmodians of upper Atreia and the Elyos of lower were one. There was no division or difference between them, in fact embraced like brothers. Currently, their hearts filled with hatred, and instead of hugging use swords in their encounters. The events that led to this division have been transcribed below by each of the parties, and while there are truths in both stories, it is clear that in both stories there are features that are not true with hatred. These misconceptions soon became popular folklore, and folklore became history, both sides seek to blame the cataclysm that swept the world into pieces



The Asmodians are a brave and strong, separated from the Elyos by the Great Cataclysm and plunged into a world of darkness and despair. Surviving the desolation is one thing, but prosper is quite another. The scars of history are still exposed to the sight of all, when the Asmodians sank into their cold and sombre world, their bodies began to change. In the dark, his skin turned pale and their eyes had to adapt, they developed around a brightness that seemed to come from another world.

Among them, the Asmodians are infinitely generous and fiercely loyal (devoting their lives in combat rather than let him take life a partner). However, outsiders must be careful; Asmodians are an increasingly hostile faction and not think twice before putting its colossal power. Similar to their Elyos counterparts, Asmodian Daeva are blessed with the strength and the ability to fly, but their wings have been obscured by the number of difficult years that have passed in Asmodae.

The follow Amodians Shedim Lords, the five heavenly sent by Siel and Israphel to protect the top of the tower of Aion, the Tower of Darkness, and they have established the city of Pandaemonium.


The Elyos are the group that occupies the lower half of Atreia, known as Elysea. After the Great Cataclysm were bathed in sunlight for 750 years and as a result became beautiful and radiant creatures. However, its splendor intoxicated to Elyios making them arrogant themselves were blessed by Aion, while the Asmodian thrown into darkness by the Great Cataclysm, are seen by the Elyos as cursed creatures.

As a people, among them Elyios have a friendly and sympathetic attitude. Against enemies, however, show no kindness or benevolence. Her angelic wings are its most striking feature, the Elyos have a tremendous strength that is hidden under their graceful facade.

The Elyos serve the five Seraphim Lords, which helped them build their city of Sanctum, and put them safe when all seemed lost. The piece of Tower of Eternity which remains in Elysea is now known as Tower of Light, and serves as a constant reminder to his people the terrible mistake perpetuated by the Asmodian and Shedim Lords.


How to fit fly in Aion universe?

Flying is an extension of the entire combat system of Aion. It is not only an integral part of the game experience, skill and strategy required to use it optimally. Flying usually give us an advantage over opponents who are unable to fly, and many skills and activities are designed specifically for these situations.

Here is a video PvP::

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What is aion? (English)
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